Competition is a hardwired legacy mindset in 99% of companies.
Here’s 3 insights that will reframe your thinking.

The best CEOs ‘Create and Dominate Uncontested Markets’
They pay no attention to ‘Product-Market Fit’. Why?

Because it sets the tone to compete in an existing market occupied by competitors. A mercenary pursuit of time and cost. A focus to make something faster, smarter, cheaper etc than the competition. The better trap, trying to catch a falling knife.

Great CEOs enable their teams to create new categories for products and services. Uncontested markets to dominate and control. It forces a choice, not a comparison.

Creating a category provides CEOs with new strategic insights. Scaling opportunities, business model innovations, deeper customer relationships and competition.


The best CEOs ‘Market the Problem’
They pay no attention to ‘Product Marketing’. Why?

Because product marketing is about the solution. Marketing is about informing and making the buying decision easier. If customers know you understand their problem like no other, that’s what makes a sale more likely.

Great CEOs know that marketing the problem creates demand. It puts the company in demand. They master non-obvious insights and a unique point of view. A tailwind for their category.

Focusing on the customer problem helps CEOs unlock the marketing team to create fresh demand. The alternative of catching demand is a costly endeavour in an existing category.


The best CEOs ‘Empower their Teams’
They pay no attention to ‘long-term projects’. Why?

Because they know short-cycle project facilitation is vital for getting projects over the line. Good facilitation stops teams from getting frustrated or losing momentum. An imperative for critical thinking and problem-solving to flourish. Two of the top skills CEOs seek today.

Great CEOs double down on category design to empower their teams. A strategic approach for happier clients, increased market worth and future-proofing the business.

Category design is difficult. Expert facilitation in short-cycle projects takes teams on this exciting journey. Finally, category leaders have the highest talent retention of all companies.


Only 1% of CEOs invest in Category Design. A strategy to dominate markets, generate user demand and empower talented teams.

CEOs and leadership teams want to solve their most difficult business challenges. We provide short-cycle facilitation for teams to kickstart the process of Category Design.

It’s a step-by-step guide called the ‘Maximum Viable Category’ or the MVC. The fastest route to remove competition.Exploratory Call

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