Strategy for Category Design

Discover the strategy insight I’ve learned from years of workshop experience.

A sensible strategy adjusts direction to steer clear of a storm.
A different one can manipulate the weather.

Sensible: ‘what is true’
Different: ‘What needs to be true’

Strategy or true innovation should be based on ‘what needs to be true’. It’s the kernel of Category Design.

Currently, ‘what is true’ rules with a comfort lens of various collective data and managers with existing models and frameworks for teams.
It only delivers what’s here and now, refining what is, a step better.
Data is inferior to imagination and counterfactual information. It will convince you not to look beyond and stay on course for more competition.

When strategy and true innovation is required, data-based decisions and existing models are a single source of truth. That’s not a healthy mindset.

There is a different way:

‘What needs to be true’
Get your team together for a different workshop.

Focus on:
1. What would have to be true for something to be a good idea?
2. What is currently not true, and how to make it true?
This is a challenge but an exciting experience for a team to confront a strategy that’s not better, but different.

Change the weather rather than constantly avoiding the storm.

Introduction workshop available.
Showing you how to curate a new lens and facilitate teams to align on what needs to be true.