Unmake - Strategy & Team

The category is the Strategy

Legacy business strategy thinking is based on scarcity of resources and competition.

Category Creation is a new lens on business strategy. An abundance of outcomes, creating the future vs. fighting over the past.

Most Fortune 100s are incapable of category design and default to legacy strategy. Most high-growth companies should focus on the category. Creating a different future rather than competing with incumbents and startups.

This challenge has led us to develop the MVC (Maximum Viable Category) Team projects to fast-track the process.

The question now is, do you want to be incrementally better or exponential different?

John Cleere

Over the past 20 years, John has grown the design sprint agency Red Lemonade. He had seen a growing need from clients for business design, most notable, category design. This led to Unmake.

His role at Unmake is to inform and educate. Helping technology companies create and dominate new market categories via ‘short-cycle’ team projects.

Catherine Phibbs

Catherine Phibbs

An experienced brand and digital communications professional who has worked with numerous blue-chip clients and understands the essence of strategy and communications.

Catherine is skilled in workshop research, facilitation, digital project management and strategic planning services.