Unmake - rodger martin

Rodger Martin says the CEO’s top challenge is…

“The pace of innovation is not where it should be in the company”

A problem of their own making, here’s why and the strategy to fix it:

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Competition is a hardwired legacy mindset in 99% of companies.
Here’s 3 insights that will reframe your thinking.

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Elon Musk gave away Tesla’s patents in 2014.

Not something you hear about especially in Tech and Pharma.

Here’s why he did it 🤪
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Tim Cook, Apple

Two goliaths of the tech world now and then, one succeeded, one did not.
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Febreze Uname

Febreze is a Category King. €1 Billion in annual sales. Here’s how they did it Read more


Baileys Irish Cream is a category king.

After 5 years it had 75 look-alike competitors at lower prices. This was crucial to its market-share success. Read more